Accepted Submissions

Panel 1: Understanding Blockchains
Examining Online Peer-driven Transactions and their Contradictions in Blockchain Technologies
Yong Ming Kow (City University of Hong Kong)

Miners and the Blockchain: An Agent Based Model Approach To Understand Behavior In Mining Pools 
Chris  Fennell (Michigan State University)

Blocked and Chained: Blockchain, Radical Transparency, and Democracy 
Darra Hofman, Alamir Novin (University of British Columbia)

Visual Analytics for Monitoring and Exploration of Blockchain Data With a Focus on the Bitcoin Blockchain
Petra Isenberg, Christoph Kinkeldey, Jean-Daniel Fekete (INRIA, Université Paris Saclay)

Back to the Future: Revisiting Winograd And Flores in the Context of Smart Contracts
Felipe B. Moreira, Ariane M. B. Rodrigues, Simone D. J. Barbosa (PUC-Rio)

Panel 2: Designing with Blockchain
Designing Smart Money on a Digital Ledger: Central Bank issued Digital Currencies 
Makayla Lewis, Mark Perry, Panos Louvieris (Brunel University)

Blockchain: A Shift of Trust
Andre Sekulla, Peter Tolmie, Dave Randall, Volkmar Pipek (University of Seigen)

Location Verification and Smart Contracts
Ella Tallyn, Dave Murrary Rust (Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh)

User-Centered Design of Permissions, Typestate, and Ownership in the Obsidian Blockchain Language
Michael Coblenz, Jonathan Aldrich, Joshua Sunshine, Brad A. Myers (Carnegie Mellon University)

Relational Trust, Transactional Assurance: Socioeconomic Bricolage on the Blockchain
Michael Castelle (University of Warwick)

Panel 3: Envisioning and Critiquing Blockchain Applications
Identity Management in the Age of Blockchain 3.0
Arthi Manohar, Jo Briggs (Northumbria University)

CivicGov: Using Blockchain to Power Immigrant-Government Collaborations
Chun-Wei Chiang, Eber Betanzos, Michael Austin, Saiph Savage (West Virginia University & Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)

Blockchain for Refugees: Current Uses, Opportunities and Considerations
Reem Talhouk, Kyle Montague, Andy Garbett (Open Lab, Newcastle University)

Searching for an OxChain: CoDesigning Blockchain Applications for Charitable Giving
Chris Elsden, Kate Symons, Anne Spaa, Chris Speed, John Vines (Northumbria University & University of Edinburgh)

Vishrambh: Trusted Philanthropy with end-to-end Transparency
Apurv Mehra, Ankush Jain, Sudheesh Singanamalla, Satya Lokam, Muthian Sivathanu,
Jacki O’Neill (Microsoft Research Bangalore)