HCI for Blockchain

Developing an HCI Agenda for Blockchain

Undoubtedly, research on these areas requires an interdisciplinary approach, to which HCI is well suited. In particular, we look at a history of work in HCI that seeks to connect an understanding of underlying infrastructure, to the resultant messy realities of lived experience and human values.

While it is evident that there are many new, ongoing research projects in this area, we would argue that the HCI community has yet to fully find its voice. To this end, the central aim of this workshop is to bring together leading researchers and designers to articulate the opportunities, challenges, and distinct role which the CHI community can and should play in the research and development of this emerging technology.

On the most basic level, this workshop is an opportunity to share common experiences, challenges, and best practices. But, we will also develop an agenda for future research around four core strands:

Studying Blockchain Applications

  • Existing user communities
  • New application areas
  • Infrastructural studies
  • Case studies

Critiquing Blockchains

  • The politics of blockchain
  • Developing theories and concepts
  • Critical design approaches
  • Algorithmic accountability

Designing for and with Blockchains

  • Co-designing with blockchains
  • Participatory methods
  • Toolkits
  • Using off-the-shelf applications
  • Design probes
  • Lessons learned

Envisioning Blockchain Futures

  • Expanding the imagination of blockchain applications
  • Artist projects
  • Speculative approaches
  • Designing ‘critical infrastructure’